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Begin Your Healing from Emotional Trauma

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Nimaya was created from our belief that it's essential to take care of our mind as well as our body health and this week we're supporting Mental Health Awareness Week with their theme of Loneliness.

Loneliness is something that's affected many of us over the past 2 years - through the loss of loved ones, loss of friendships, the isolation of lockdowns, social restrictions and working from home.

Isolation and loneliness are core criteria for an emotional trauma event - the others being that it's unexpected and that it's emotionally distressing.

An emotional trauma at any level has a physical effect on both our psyche and body and the severity of the trauma depends on how it's perceived by the sufferer. Real physiological symptoms can be triggered by trauma and our body will respond to this and try to compensate for it.

Emotional trauma can mean we;

feel disconnected

lose our trust in others

have troubling memories or distressing emotions

feel anxious and stressed

suffer from insomnia

experience chronic fatigue and exhaustion

If you've been affected by loneliness or emotional trauma, or have any of the above symptoms then Dr Nishel is here to help you..

if you need someone to talk to who will really listen to your problems

if you want a doctor who'll work with you to fully assess your mind and body health problems.

if you are looking for a proactive way to support your overall health

if you want to work on healing a specific existing condition

When you start to focus on fixing the cause - or the emotional trauma - the physical symptoms you're experiencing will being to change and heal.

Nimaya treatments such as Floatation therapy, PandoraStar light therapy, Advanced Red Light therapy, Japanese Integrated Medicine, Reiki and Whole Body Cryotherapy are all great treatments for healing emotional issues.

At the Medical Suite we combine medical treatment with Dr Nishel and the benefits of Nimaya's mind and body therapies, to create a bespoke treatment plan that's the perfect foundation for your personal health.

If you're ready and willing to start healing, why not book a private consultation with Dr Nishel at either Nimaya at Farringdon or Gerrards Cross, or by online video call - and start taking control of your health.

Click on the link below to BOOK a treatment online, or go to

Find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week at

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