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Alzheimer’s could be ‘halted’ using oxygen therapy

Alzheimer's could be stopped or even reversed by putting patients in hyperbaric oxygen chambers, a recent study has claimed.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is one of the most popular treatments we offer at Nimaya, and we have been working to promote the benefits of it for Alzheimer's and Dementia and are delighted that it's finally hitting the main stream media.

In the past week, both the Daily Mail and The Telegraph have run articles on a recent study by Israeli researchers, which found that in 6 older people with mild cognitive impairment (an early stage of memory loss that is a pre-cursor to the most common form of dementia) their symptoms improved after having five 90-minute oxygen treatments a week for three months. They found that the brain blood flow increased and their brain and cognitive performance improved by up to 16%.

Previous research has shown that the HBOT works by changing the structure of vessels in the brain and increasing blood flow. Reduced blood flow to the brain has already been linked with the onset of dementia. Also when the treatment was administered to mice, it removed amyloid plaques from the brain, which are a tell-tale sign of Alzheimer's.

Ageing, injury and illness can all lead to lesser blood flow, tissue damage and our cells being starved of nutrients, all of which can slow our bodies natural healing process and cause premature ageing, delay recovery from illness, and can also affect the memory. Delivering more oxygen to our cells can provide health, energy, and vitality and HBOT achieves this by providing an increase in oxygen naturally.

HBOT at Nimaya

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy involves you lying in a personal chamber whilst pure oxygen is fed in at a slightly higher than normal pressure.

By breathing in pure oxygen at this pressurised level, your lungs take in more oxygen and your blood absorbs more oxygen. This results in enhanced performance and increased endurance, quick recovery, improved fitness and overall rehabilitation.

HBOT is a simple, pain-free and non-invasive therapy provided at a level considered as a complementary treatment to alleviate a range of symptoms and support recovery and wellbeing.

To book a treatment at Nimaya or for more information, check out Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on our website!


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