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Meet Jamie - Nimaya’s Owner and Founder

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Meet Jamie - Nimaya’s Owner and Founder

Jamie is an avid motorcyclist and construction business owner, he’s had his fair share of injuries and accidents throughout his life.

After a serious road accident in 2016 Jamie was left with multiple broken bones, fractured pelvis and a head injury.

By then, he knew about Japanese Integrated Medicine and decided to try it with his recovery. After an initial 2 hour long treatment Jamie could walk unaided.

He continued his recovery without using painkillers and within 2 months of the accident he was back to work.

After experiencing the amazing physical and mental benefits of Japanese Integrated Medicine, Jamie wanted to share it with more people and help them with their healing journeys. This inspired him to train in the therapy himself and he's now a practicing therapist at Nimaya.

Jamie went on to research the healing benefits of other treatments including Red Light therapy, Cryotherapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy but found it difficult to find anywhere that offered these all in one place.

He decided to create a unique, local wellness space with all the best treatments under one roof and make them accessible to all - that was the moment Nimaya was born!

I take great pride in writing this post as Jamie is also my younger brother! What he has achieved with his recovery is astounding and he’s used his knowledge, experience and hard work to start our family business!

Author: Louise Andrew

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