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Take Control of your Menopause Symptoms

Hot flushes, night sweats, irritability, fatigue, mood swings, insomnia and lack of concentration..

This is just some of a long list of conditions that 80% of menopausal women in the UK suffer with. From the start of the peri-menopause, through the menopause and up to the end of the postmenopausal period, it can be anywhere from 8-10 years in total! So it's important for women to understand what's happening to their body and recognise the many symptoms they are experiencing.


These can include;




heart palpitations

reduced concentration

memory loss


headaches and migraines

hair loss & thinning hair

reduced production of collagen

muscle aches and pains

bloating & digestive problems

weight gain

loss of libido

increase in allergies

dizziness & vertigo

sensitivity to sound and light

Is it any wonder that women feel like they're losing the plot and also losing themselves when the menopause hits. There's nothing worse than the feeling of a hot flush starting during a conversation with someone, and your whole body heats up from within and you sweat uncontrollably whilst turning the colour of a cooked prawn!

And that's if you can actually finish the conversation without forgetting what you wanted to talk about in the first place! It may be the subject of many jokes, but it's no fun when you're suffering the symptoms.

It's also hard for family and friends to understand what you're going through unless they've experienced it themselves. At work your symptoms can often be dismissed and misunderstood as 'just womens' problems' and co-workers saying that you're always complaining of being unwell - especially if you work in a male-dominated environment.

How Nimaya Treatments Can Help You!

The most well-known and long standing treatment for the menopause is Hormone Replacement Therapy which can improve your quality of life by helping to decrease the occurrence of symptoms of menopause and the risk of osteoporotic fractures. But with the increasing awareness of the potential adverse effects associated with HRT*1, it has led to more women seeking other options such as complementary and alternative therapies, tailored to their specific needs.

Many doctors and menopausal specialists are now recommending alternatives to HRT and the most popular of these are holistic physical therapies which address the symptoms of the menopause. These work best when they are integrated into lifestyle changes and non-prescription remedy such as dietary isoflavone supplements (either soy or red clover), black cohosh, or vitamin E.

The majority of treatments we offer at Nimaya can be very effective at helping with the menopause and our 5 most popular treatments for this are Whole Body Cryotherapy, Advanced Red Light Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Japanese Integrated Medicine and Reiki Energy Healing.

A combination of any or all of these treatments can have a dramatic effect on the main symptoms of the menopause and you can now book a Whole Body Cryotherapy session together with an Advanced Red Light therapy session for just £100 and enjoy them in a single blissfully, relaxing session!

Nimaya Advanced Red Light Therapy (PBM)

Advanced Red Light Therapy

Advanced Red Light Therapy (or Photobiomodulation) is a full body treatment which harnesses the healing energy of red and near-infrared light at specific wavelengths. It's particularly effective for treating menopausal symptoms because it stimulates the immune system, rebalances the production of the hormones oestrogen, estrogen, and progesterone, increases collagen production to improve skin, hair & nail appearance and alleviates anxiety.

It has also proven to be beneficial to the production of healthy gut microbiomes and reduces swelling and inflammation in the body, thereby relieving joint and muscle pain.

reduces feelings of stress and anxiety

helps relieve depression

improves cognitive functioning

eases migraine and headache symptoms

rebalances hormones for improved skin, hair and nail health

reduces inflammation & joint pain

encourages deep levels of rest and sleep

enhances collagen synthesis to improve the appearance of dry, loose, wrinkled skin

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is great for targeting some of the most common symptoms of menopause and you can experience mental and physical benefits after just one session, although it’s most effective when used regularly and also together with the Advanced Red Light Therapy.

balances hormones and improves response, helping regulate your body temperature and decrease the amount of hot flushes

increases production of norepinephrine, a hormone that affects your sleep/awake cycles and activates your REM sleep.

activates the release of endorphins bringing an energy boost followed by a state of relaxation and improved sleep

speeds up the body's metabolic rate to keep you warm, in turn burning between 300-800 calories after a session

flushes out toxins and congestion in the layers of the skin for relief from itching and inflammation

triggers a biochemical reaction that normalises your brain chemicals that can affect mental capacity, clarity and your mood.

If you'd like more personal advice on the best Nimaya treatments for your specific symptoms, why not book a FREE 15 minute consultation video call with us and we'll run through your individual needs and recommend the best treatments to help you achieve your health goals.

Click on the link below to BOOK a Whole Body Cryotherapy & Advanced Red Light treatment for just £100 - saving you £10 - or go to

1. HRT Concerns

Some concerns about the effects of HRT arose in around 2002 when the Women's Health Institute published a study which showed an increase in risk of coronary heart disease and breast cancer which led to an abrupt decrease in the use of HRT. However the study was based mostly on women many years after the the onset of menopause, and subsequent reanalysis of the same WIH data and newer clinical trials showed a reduction in CHD and mortality when HRT is started soon after menopause. In younger healthy women aged 50-60 years, the risk-benefit balance is positive for using HRT and risks are considered rare, although increased risks are still indicated in older women starting HRT.

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