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Harmonising Your Body with Japanese Healing Therapies

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The Japanese healing therapies at Nimaya are our most popular holistic treatments!

But do you know what they are and what they do?

Based on ancient Japanese beliefs that natural medicine, harmony and balance are essential to the health and wellness of our biological systems, these healing practices were developed to bring order and balance to the body, when disharmony and imbalance - manifesting as stress, anxiety, and disease - affected people.

They all focus on working with the body's self-healing ability, through rebalancing the subtle energy systems of the body - the chakras, meridians and aura and also on every level - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Nimaya offers three Japanese holistic treatments - Japanese Integrated Medicine, Japanese Anma Massage and Reiki Energy Healing.


1. Japanese Integrated Medicine works with the essential aspects of health including the study of western anatomy, pathology, ergonomics, nutrition, the mind and emotions, integrated body skills of a natural martial artist, environmental adaptability and the nature of ourselves and our environment.

A treatment session involves both physical and internal medicine, with physical medicine helping with ailments such as back pain, arthritis and sprains, whilst internal medicine treating headaches, digestive ailments and the immune system.

It blends a number of treatment disciplines which together create a powerful and effective healing therapy.

  • Anma: a form of remedial and visceral massage.

  • Sekkotsu: a non-surgical method for aligning broken bones, correcting dislocations, correcting joint mobility and improving posture.

  • Gohan: Oriental nutrition which recognises the benefits of certain foods.

  • Kampo: herbal blends which are thought to improve the person’s health and recovery

  • Hari: a type of acupuncture which uses fewer needles than Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A treatment session last for between 45 to 60 minutes and costs £135 - BOOK NOW

Nimaya Advanced Red Light Therapy (PBM)

Japanese Anma Massage is one of the disciplines within the Japanese Integrated Medicine therapy, but is highly effective as a stand alone massage therapy.

It's a full-body remedial massage using traditional bodywork, craniosacral, cupping and Gua Sha massage to realign the head, pelvis, feet & activate the flow of energy around the body.

It is directed at pressure points & meridians on the body and also uses abdominal massage to rebalance the organs.

A treatment session last for between 45 to 60 minutes and costs £80 - BOOK NOW

The BENEFITS of Japanese Integrated Medicine and Anma Massage include;

Harmonises both the nervous system and the energy meridian systems

Reduces stress and anxiety

Helps with nervous disorders

Eases migraine & headache symptoms

Creates a state of deep relaxation, calm & peace

Improves posture and flexibility of the body

Corrects and improves joint mobility

Reduces degenerative joint disease

Relieves chronic pain and eases and reduces back pain

Reduces muscle tension and tightness

Stimulates the blood and balances lymph flow and drainage

Improves organ functions

Increases health of the immune system

Eases constipation

While Japanese Integrated Medicine and Anma Massage are hands-on and physical treatments, Reiki is a non-invasive, non-touch method of energy healing which allows the Universal intelligent energy to travel to any source that needs healing and harmonises the energy systems of the mind, body and spirt. It can be used to treat physical and emotional symptoms as well as situations and past and future events.

We offer Distant Reiki Healing sessions online via video call which are perfect for everyone - especially if you're not local to us, need an urgent healing session or just love the idea of receiving the healing in the comfort of your own home!

Reiki energy doesn't need direct contact with you to connect and heal, so it can be given from a distance at any time. The universal quantum energies allow intention and thought to connect and resonate instantly with other energies and matter, whenever or wherever they are. Many years of scientific research have shown the ability of human intention to affect the physical world at great distances.

A Reiki energy healing session will help you..

feel more engaged and more in control of your life and your health.

inspire changes in your behaviour, habits or beliefs.

develop your inner spiritual connection.

It stimulates the body's own healing mechanisms to release and rebalance the energy flow and help with;

anxiety and panic attacks

joint and muscle aches and pains

circulatory problems

boosting the immune system

emotional problems

grief and trauma

A treatment session last for between 45 to 60 minutes and costs £125 - BOOK NOW

Why not book one of these amazing Japanese healing treatments now and discover a gentle and effective way to everyday well-being, as well as recovery and rehabilitation after illness, injury or trauma. It's safe and natural and is a wonderful complement to conventional medication and treatments.

Click on the link below to BOOK one of our Japanese healing treatments or go to

If you'd like more personal advice on the best Nimaya treatments for your specific symptoms, why not book a FREE 15 minute consultation video call with us and we'll run through your individual needs and recommend the best treatments to help you achieve your health goals.

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