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A space designed to

take away your stress and realign your mind.

Holistic Care for your Mind and Body

As London’s first dedicated gym for the mind, we provide you with everything you need to complement a positive lifestyle or to alleviate stress and anxiety, and have something for everyone to help calm and optimise your mind.

The wide range of treatments at Nimaya are aimed at improving and enhancing both your mind and body wellness!

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We're unique in the range of high quality technology-led and holistic therapies that we offer and are leading the way in supporting mind and body wellness in the UK. 

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Our treatments will help yo​u to;

  • reduce stress, anxiety and depression

  • reduce mental and physical fatigue

  • improve your immune system

  • rebalance your metabolism

  • relieve joint and muscular pain

  • re-energise, strengthen and rebalance your body

  • optimise your mental performance

  • improve your sleep and rest quality

  • support emotional vulnerability and build resilience

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Get 10% off any of these treatments

Floatation Therapy


Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation for the mind and drift your way to tranquillity in one of our state-of-the-art floatation tanks.  


Floatation therapy provides a weightless, soundproof and lightless solution to a busy or hectic schedule.


Whether you’re looking to relieve aches and pains, calm an anxious or overworked mind, sleep better or enhance your creativity, our floatation pods will help you to drift into your calm inner-self.

Once suspended in the pod your mind will feel cut off from the outside world, limiting distractions from sight, sound and gravity. Your brain enters a slower wave pattern, encouraging your body into full system relaxation. Floating takes the pressure of gravity off joints and muscles and your body is put in to a high state of physical relaxation. 

Each float pod is in it's own private room, with ensuite showering facilities to ensure total privacy and relaxation. You have full control over the amount of light in the pod while you're floating and have the option to listen to music or just float in complete silence. 


This is a cold therapy treatment where the body is exposed to intensely chilled temperatures for a few minutes.

Your 3-minute session will take place in our top-of-the-range, full body electrical chamber. It’s a dry, non-invasive and pain-free treatment.

Whole Body Cryotherapy


You can experience mental and physical health benefits after just one session, although it’s most effective when used regularly.


Cryotherapy has numerous health benefits and is particularly effective on people who, amongst other things, suffer from migraines, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis, or for anyone experiencing mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression.


Advanced Red Light Therapy

Red Light Bed.png

Advanced Red Light Therapy is a full body treatment which harnesses the healing energy of red and near-infrared light at specific wavelengths.


Lie back and relax on our full body red light therapy bed and experience 20 minutes of deep, warming relaxation.

Red Light therapy is effective in accelerating the natural healing of the body, reducing swelling and inflammation whilst stimulating the immune system, relieving pain, improving skin appearance and alleviating anxiety.  

Its a safe and natural alternative treatment for various health conditions like muscle pain, joint stiffness and arthritis. 

It helps ease pain, relieve inflammation, protect against oxidative stress, and cells that are damaged following trauma, can be rejuvenated by red and infrared light.


Infrared treatments also increase the production of nitric oxide, a vital signaling molecule that is important for the health of your blood circulation: this molecule helps relax the arteries and prevents blood from clotting and clumping in the vessels. 


Aside from these, it also combats free radicals to prevent oxidative stress and regulate blood pressure.


Red Light therapy is widely used by athletes, sports personnel, the military service,  and war veterans to treat internal injuries & PTSD.

Red Light Therapy

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna.png

Our full-spectrum Infrared Sauna uses near, mid and far infrared technologies to optimise overall health and wellbeing by alleviating stress, detoxifying your body and improving cardio health.

Infrared rays safely penetrate deep under your skin to dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body. The Infrared Rays will vitalize your cells and boost metabolism. The infrared waves also activate your sweat glands, which in turn triggers the body’s natural detoxification system, bringing benefits to both body and mind.

Our Infrared Sauna does not emit any of those harmful rays produced by sunlight – just natural healing light and heat.


Infrared rays are of a similar wavelength to those which are naturally emitted by the human body. Most users feel rested, rejuvenated and re-energised after using our infrared saunas.


PandoraStar Light Therapy

Infrared Sauna.png

​PandoraStar is one of the most advanced light machines of its kind, featuring 12 stroboscopic LEDs to guide the brain into a hypnogogic state within minutes. It’s an immersive light-based therapy designed to elevate you into a deep meditative state of relaxation.​

Once you have comfortably positioned yourself in our comfy reclining chair simply close your eyes and switch off from the outside world while the PandoraStar does its thing! Some sequences have bespoke background music to help guide you to experience a kaleidoscope of colours and psychedelic patterns.

With numerous sequences to choose from, the PandoraStar light therapy is designed to stimulate your brain to take you into a meditative or energised state.


Reported benefits include; 

  • an increase in brain function, intuition

  • improved memory and mental clarity

  • increased joy and inner peace

  • migraine relief

  • improved central nervous system

  • improved sleep quality

  • overcome addictions

  • recovery from muscle and joint pain.

These are just a few of the amazing PandoraStar sequences that you can experience;


HAPPIER - helps with Depression / Motivating / Energising / Inspiring / Good feelings

CALM ME - helps with Calming / Relaxation / De-stress

EMOTION - helps with Emotional Healing / Insight 

INSOMNIA -  helps with Improved quality of Sleep / Calm Awareness / Stress Relief / Potential improved Astral Travel / Lucid Dream Practice

RECHARGE - helps with De-stress / Rejuvenate / Inspire


Body Revival


Just 30 minutes of treatment can provide the equivalent of 12-48 hours of rest.


Body Revival is a therapy unique to Nimaya which uses both medical pneumatic compression therapy and oxygen therapy, to give you faster muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness & fatigue, and relieve swelling. 

The RecoveryPump® compression therapy boots deliver an aggressive but very natural alternative to passive recovery for athletes and simulates localised "active recovery" (such as walking) in a passive manner because the therapy is conducted at rest.

It increases venous return, rapidly accelerating the body’s natural re-absorption of the elements which cause soreness and fatigue in the muscle and effectively removes metabolic wastefaster than any traditional mode of recovery or rest alone.

It's extremely safe and comfortable for athletes who are post-op or have acute injuries, due to the precise pressure setting in the lower range - while the set upper limit prevents dangerous vaso construction/tourniquet effect.

Note: As with all therapies the effectiveness of this treatment is likely to be different for everyone and it is suggested that you carry out your own research into the benefits offered. Our Resources page offers a number of links to studies and research for your information and review.

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