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Weight Loss Combo

Get your mind & body ready for Summer with our WEIGHT LOSS treatment package - a combination of three of our most popular therapies -


When used together these treatments will complement and enhance your mind and body health by; 

  • increasing your energy levels

  • improving your mood

  • vitalising your cells

  • boosting your metabolism and clearing metabolic waste

  • reducing swelling and stiffness

  • detoxifiying your body

  • relieving stress and improving sleep



Combo package includes one session each of 

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy

  • Body Revival

  • Infrared Sauna


For maximum results, our combo packages are best booked for use in a single visit, although you can book them for separate days if you wish.


This combo package gives you one session of each of these 3 therapies worth £165.

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What's Included..

This is a cold therapy treatment where the body is exposed to intensely chilled temperatures for a few minutes.

Your 3-minute session will take place in our top-of-the-range, full body electrical chamber. It’s a dry, non-invasive and pain-free treatment.

1. Whole Body Cryotherapy


You can experience mental and physical health benefits after just one session, although it’s most effective when used regularly.


Cryotherapy has numerous health benefits and is particularly effective on people who, amongst other things, suffer from migraines, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis, or for anyone experiencing mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression.


2. Body Revival


Body Revival is a therapy unique to Nimaya which uses both medical pneumatic compression therapy and oxygen therapy, to give you faster muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness & fatigue, and relieve swelling. 

The RecoveryPump® compression therapy boots deliver an aggressive but very natural alternative to passive recovery for athletes and simulates localised "active recovery" (such as walking) in a passive manner because the therapy is conducted at rest.

It increases venous return, rapidly accelerating the body’s natural re-absorption of the elements which cause soreness and fatigue in the muscle and effectively removes metabolic wastefaster than any traditional mode of recovery or rest alone.

Traditionally, athletes will perform light exercise to achieve this muscle contraction and increase circulation in the body, thereby reducing soreness in the muscles.

RecoveryPump offers a full & rapid pressure release between compression cycles which is needed to maximize the lymphatic uptake and promote blood flow. This release allows healthy oxygenated blood back to the extremities.

It's extremely safe and comfortable for athletes who are post-op or have acute injuries, due to the precise pressure setting in the lower range - while the set upper limit prevents dangerous vaso construction/tourniquet effect.

The Benefits of additional Oxygen Therapy

You'll be attached to an oxygen supply during your session to complement and enhance the therapy results. Increased oxygen delivery to the tissues is believed to facilitate healing through a number of mechanisms.

Just 30 minutes of treatment can provide the equivalent of 12-48 hours of rest.

Body Revival

3. Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna.png

Our full-spectrum Infrared Sauna uses near, mid and far infrared technologies to optimise overall health and wellbeing by alleviating stress, detoxifying your body and improving cardio health.

Infrared rays safely penetrate deep under your skin to dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body. The Infrared Rays will vitalize your cells and boost metabolism. The infrared waves also activate your sweat glands, which in turn triggers the body’s natural detoxification system, bringing benefits to both body and mind.

Our Infrared Sauna does not emit any of those harmful rays produced by sunlight – just natural healing light and heat.


Infrared rays are of a similar wavelength to those which are naturally emitted by the human body. Most users feel rested, rejuvenated and re-energised after using our infrared saunas.

infrared sauna

Save £15 when you book this package using our offer code


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