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The Photizo Skincare was awarded the Best Skin Care Treatment Device in the Woman & Home Beauty Awards in 2020. It offers a very effective complementary option to use alongside your other skincare products to help treat a range of medically-recognised skin conditions.


With Medical CE approval, Photizo Skincare is a simple-to-use, rechargeable home care treatment device which uses red and near infrared LEDs to stimulate cell activity which accelerates the natural healing process of wounds.


Photizo Skincare is ideal for home use for healing any type of wounds, including acute wounds, chronic, non-healing wounds, and open or closed wounds and is a highly effective complementary treatment to use alongside your other wound products. 


It can treat wounds and inflammatory skin traumas such as; 

  • those caused by complications of diabetes
  • leg or pressure ulcers
  • surgical incisions
  • grazes
  • scrapes
  • cuts
  • bruising
  • blisters
  • minor burns


Acute wounds heal through inflammation, tissue formation and remodelling which all happens naturally. Chronic wounds on the other hand simply fail to heal.


With open wounds, you can see exposed body tissue in the base of the wound, and these are generally caused by surgery, incisions, puncture wounds, abrasions or lacerations, and ulcers.  Closed wounds don’t expose any body tissue and include contusions, blisters or hematoma.


How to Use Skincare

Red and near-infrared light has been shown to reduce skin irritation, discomfort and itching, boost your skin condition, regulate normal cell functioning and stimulate your immune system where it’s applied. Red light therapy is highly effective in accelerating cellular regeneration which restores normal skin function.


It couldn’t be easier to benefit from the healing properties of Photizo red light therapy. No training is needed and it’s easy to achieve good results with our powerful, cost-effective non-invasive treatment unit.


Simply place the head of your Photizo Skincare device containing the LEDs on the area of your body you want to treat.


Then press the power button and stop when the timed treatment finishes. Each dose is pre-programmed and tested to give the optimum amount of red light therapy per session. This way, it’s impossible to give yourself too much of the red light therapy.


After you’ve finished, move on to the next part of your body you’d like to treat. On larger pain areas, you can safely move to the area next to the one you’ve just treated, until you’ve covered it all.


  • Photizo Skincare comes with a charger, protective carry bag and an easy-to-follow User Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use the device correctly. Each Photizo device must be used with the charger provided to ensure it charges the battery correctly.

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