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Irena Tyshyna
Mind Genetics Consultancy

Irena started her own consultancy practice in 2016, offering a variety of services from individual and group consultations to courses and seminars for larger groups and corporate clients, specialising in mind genetics, gene-physics and cognitive reprogramming.


Irena’s particular interest is working with families and young adults, as well as building bespoke management programs for executives, whilst applying the same “family principal” approach at work.


Each client is completely unique, just like their fingerprint or genetic code. Irena’s multi-skilled background, charismatic personality and intuitive nature allows her to find a totally unique language with her clients.

Irena's Background

After completing her Masters degree in Conducting and Classical Singing, Irena worked in a Film, TV and Advertising industry for over twenty years. Irena’s natural interest was in behavioural sciences and phycology. This allowed her to build a successful and meaningful career, but also pushed her to study further. 


Whilst continuing with her work, Irena embarked on a journey of studying various alternative therapies and techniques, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, Meditation, Tantra, Yoga, Colour Therapy and various other. Irena found that the main focus or purpose of most methods and therapies was to fix the already existing problem, provide the “tools” so to speak.


Irena’s quest was to find the answer to her THREE WHYS..

  1.  why the issue happened in the first place

  2.  why the issue happened to a specific person

  3.  why the issue continues happening and what to do to permanently stop this.


In 2010 Irena came across IDEAL-Method by Teutsch, which would cardinally change the direction of her life. The method combined three scientific cornerstones – Biology / Genetics, Physics and Spiritual Science, and successfully managed to answer Irena’s THREE WHYS.


The Method focused on Mind Genetics, i.e. inherited behavioural patterns (similar to an Operating System on a computer), genetic inevitability, predisposition to experiencing certain life events, re-writing of genetic code and mind hacking.


Irena enrolled in the Institute of Teutsch IDEAL-Method in Russia with a particular interest in the field of gene-physics, epigenetics, victimology, pre-natal programming and family psychology. 

In 2019 Irena was appointed as a Science editor at I-M Magazine where she published various articles on the subject of mind genetics and behavioural sciences. 


In 2022 Irena completed her degree on Child Psychology and Childhood Studies. This helped her blend scientific, social and psychological aspects to further understand human mind and behaviours, which she successfully integrates in her daily work with clients. 


Irena Tyshyna offers a unique method in Mind Genetics.

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