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It's easy to book your individual treatments or packages online! 


Select the treatment you want, choose an appointment time to suit you and complete your personal and payment details below.

If you've already registered for a Nimaya Appointments account, please ensure you 'Log-in' first below before purchasing your treatment or package to ensure it is registered against your account.


How to Register for a NIMAYA APPOINTMENTS account

BRING A FRIEND - £100 for 2

You can now book a Double Cryo session

so 2 of you can experience a session together!

And you'll save £10 on the total price! 

Just select the 'Bring a Friend' option when you book!


Save £10 every Friday

when you book a Whole Body Cryotherapy, Advanced Red Light therapy, PandoraStar or Body Revival

Just enter Promo Code FGF when you book!

How to Register for a NIMAYA APPOINTMENTS account

You can register for an Appointments account either during the booking process by clicking the Register button once a booking has been made, or at any time via a booking confirmation email you've received - just click on the 'Change Appointment' option in the email, then select 'Register for an Account' on the appointment page you are directed to.


Once logged in; 

1) You can view all your upcoming and previous appointments (you'll only see those which you booked whilst logged into your account). On the 'Book Now' page, click on the 'Choose Appointment' section header and a new window will open up within the page, showing your appointments as well as any active package or coupon codes on your account.


2) Your contact details will be pre-filled (name, phone number and email address) in the 'Your Information' section of the booking page, as long as you are using the same computer/browser.

3) You'll have the option to save your payment card information, making it easier and quicker to book your next appointment.

Please note, a Nimaya Appointments account is not the same as the 'Sign in to the Community’ account at the top of the website, which is a registration to the Nimaya Community forum area only.  You may use the same email to register for both, but you need to log in to the 'Book Now' section to access your Appointments account.

account registration

Booking Terms & Conditions

Our booking terms and conditions apply to individual bookings as well those booked as part of a membership and/or package. No exceptions will be made.

Late Attendance - Customers late for an appointment may have their session shortened.

Re-scheduling - Customers may re-schedule any appointment online up to 48 hours in advance. Thereafter appointments can only be re-scheduled by calling the centre on 0208 103 0212 and will only be allowed at the discretion of the management. If it is not possible to reschedule the appointment as a result of the customer, no refund will be given and the full payment for the appointment will be charged.

No Shows - Payment will be charged in full for any missed appointments, unless it has been agreed in advance by the management to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Cancellations - Cancellations are not allowed except for in exceptional circumstances and only if expressly agreed by the management. A cancellation request must be made in advance by phone only and with 48 hours notice. If the management decides not to cancel the appointment, no refund will be given and the full payment for the appointment will be charged. 

Payment - All sessions must be paid in advance via any payment system we have available at the time, including but not limited to, the website, a payment gateway system, or in full through bank transfer. All such payments will be made subject to the payment system provider’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Suspension - any charges incurred for no-shows and cancellations will applied to your Nimaya client account, including those with memberships, and no further booking will be able to be booked until all outstanding monies have been paid. 

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