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Nimaya wellness centre, Farringdon, London

A space designed to

take away your stress and realign your mind.

Nimaya MindStation Wellness centre in Farringdon, London


As London’s first dedicated gym for the mind, we provide you with everything you need to complement a positive lifestyle or to alleviate stress and anxiety, and have something for everyone to help calm and optimise your mind.

Nimaya Floatation Tanks, Farringdon, London


Treat yourself to a 60-minute float for the ultimate mind relaxation and drift your way to tranquillity in one of our state-of-the-art floatation pods.


Relieves aches and pains, calms an anxious or overworked mind, helps you sleep better and enhances your focus and creativity.

Nimaya Whole Body Cryotherapy, wellness centre in Farringdon, London


Experience a cold therapy treatment in our whole-body electrical Cryotherapy chamber where the whole body is exposed to temperatures of -85º for up to 3 minutes.

Relieves chronic pain, migraines, inflammatory conditions, and mind issues such as stress, anxiety or depression.

Nimaya Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, wellness centre in Farringdon, London


Relax in a personal hyperbaric chamber whilst pure oxygen is fed in at a slightly higher than normal pressure, allowing the lungs to take in more oxygen and the blood to absorb more oxygen.

Results in enhanced performance with faster injury recovery as well as being anti-ageing.

Nimaya Advanced Red Light Therapy, wellness centre in Farringdon, London


A full body red light therapy bed session which uses the healing energy of red and near-infrared light to accelerate the natural healing of the body.

It reduces swelling, inflammation, joint & muscle pain, stimulates the immune system, improves skin appearance, alleviates stress and anxiety.

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Power Plate is the world's leading medically certified harmonic vibration platform that helps you feel better by stimulating natural reflexes, increasing muscle activation, and improving circulation.

Power Plate products are now available to buy online and at the Nimaya centre!

Nimaya Free Consultations, wellness centre in Farringdon, London

Book an appointment with our team for an unbiased view of how Nimaya treatments can help you based on your own individual needs.

Our 15-minute consultation is free of charge and we'll recommend the best treatments to help you achieve your health goals

Our Treatments

You can choose from a range of treatments which when used together, will complement and enhance the healing benefits you will experience.


If you enjoy more that one Nimaya therapy session each month, then our Memberships are perfect for you!


Unlimited means you can..

✔ book as many Nimaya treatments as you want to every month! 

✔ get a massive 10% off any of our Holistic therapies

✔ enjoy freedom and choice of mind and body therapies!

"Our therapies are designed to take an holistic approach to health and wellbeing, placing emphasis on you as a whole in connection to your mind, body and spirit"

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